Work with me

I love helping librarians and teachers strengthen their skills
and learning more about what libraries are doing.

What can we do together?

  • Workshops

    Two- to three-hour workshops on teaching skills, bibliography, or book history

  • Seminars

    Day-long or multi-day programs developing bibliographic knowledge or teaching skills

  • Consulting

    An extra brain to evaluate and develop current projects or to think through future needs

  • Lectures

    Talks about early modern printing, facsimilies, and other topics, geared to general or scholarly audiences

What will you get when you hire me?

I come to all projects with a focus on what that specific institution needs from me.
I will meet with librarians, faculty, and students and be a part of the community,
both while I am there and after I leave. The more I learn about you,
the more your assets become part of what I draw on in my work and share with others.

Let's talk!

Drop me a line and let's think through what the best options are for your needs and your budget.