a compendium of resources

I like to create lists of resources and I like to share them. Here’s the master list of lists:

Book history resources: A list of frequently used, open-access resources for studying early modern book history, including catalogs, digital collections, book trade databases, assistance with Latin imprints, information about paper and bindings, and printers manuals. (last updated June 7, 2017)

Digitized First Folios: A catalog of currently available online F1s, with notes on their copy-specific features, interfaces, and downloading and licensing terms. (last updated June 6, 2017)

Early modern digital collections: A list of open-access digital collections of early printed books. (last updated February 8, 2017)

Examples of digitized early printed books: A list of early printed texts that serve as examples of the ways in which digitization affects how we interact with books. Includes 6 different copies of Nuremberg Chronicles, copies of Folger books that exist both in EEBO and the Folger’s digital collection, and other examples showing why digitization is complicated. (last updated June 7, 2017)