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Below is a list of the books that students in my courses have worked on for their research projects. My requirements were that they choose a book printed before 1700 in a language that they can read. (I do sometimes make exceptions to my 1700 rule, depending on the student’s research interests.) Those parameters explain in part why the bulk of the works below are in English. I also generally steer students away from books that have been worked on before, in large part to avoid undue physical stress on any one copy. Other than those guidelines, students can choose whatever catches their fancy. Sometimes they find books because they’ve read the text before, sometimes because it’s an author they want to learn more about, sometimes because it has physical features they’re interested in, sometimes it belongs to a category of works that they are researching, and sometimes just because they stumbled across it and it caught their eye.

I’ve listed the books in chronological order, providing the modern author attribution, an unmodernized short form of its title, the imprint information as given in the Folger’s catalog, and its call number, linked to its record in Hamnet. In a few instances, I or a student have blogged about the book, and I’ve provided those links as well.

Ranulf Higden, The descrypcyon of Englonde. Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, 1498. Bd.w. STC 9996 Copy 1.

Geoffrey Chaucer, The boke of Chaucer named Caunterbury tales. Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, 1498. STC 5085.

Adam Lonicer, Herbarum, arborum, fruticum, frumentorum ac leguminum. Frankfurt: Christophe Egenolphum, 1546. 245- 274q.

Robert Record, The Castle of Knowledge. London: Reginalde Wolfe, 1556. STC 20796 Copy 2.

Thomas Malory, The story of the moste noble and worthy kynge Arthur. London: William Copland, 1557. STC 804.

The primer in Englishe and Latine, set out along, after the vse of Sa[rum]. London: Ihon Kyngston and Henry Sutton, 1557. STC 16081. [blog post]

John Knox, The first blast of the trumpet against the monstruous regiment of women. Geneva: J. Poullain and A. Rebul, 1558. STC 15070.

Joachim Du Bellay, L’Olive et autres ouvres poetique. Paris: Federic Morel, 1561. 234- 364q.

Niccolo Machiavelli, The arte of warre, written first in Italia[n] by Nicholas Machiauell, and set forthe in Englishe by Peter Whitehorne. London: [John Kingston for] Nicholas Inglande, 1562. STC 17164.

Guillaume Guéroult, Figures de la Bible: illustrées de huictains francoys, pour l’interprétation et intelligence d’icelles. Lyon: Guillaume Rouillé, 1565. N8023.G85 F4. Cage.

John Skelton, Pithy pleasaunt and profitable workes of maister Skelton, Poete Laureate. London: Thomas Marshe, 1568. STC 22608 Copy 1.

Henri Estienne, Discours merueilleux de la vie, actions & deportemens de Catherine de Medicis royne mere. Geneva: 1575. Bd.w. BR115.W2 F2 Cage.

T.C., An hospitall for the diseased. London: [R. Tottell? for] Thomas Man and William Hoskins, 1578. STC 4303.8.

Nicolás Monardes, Ioyfull newes out of the newfound world, wherein are declared the rare and singular vertues of diuers and sundrie herbs, trees, oyles, plants, [and] stones. London: [Thomas Dawson] for William Norton, 1580. STC 18006 Copy 1.

Homer. Ten books of Homers Iliades, translated out of French, by Arthur Hall Esquire. London: [Henry Bynneman for] Ralph Newberie, 1581. STC 13630.

John Securis, 1581. An almanack and prognostication for the yeere of our Lord MDLXXXI. London: Richarde Watkins and James Robertes, 1581. STC 512.11.

James I. The essayes of a prentise, in the diuine art of poesie. Edinburgh: Thomas Vautrollier, 1584. STC 14373. [blog post]

Thomas Harriot, A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia. Frankfurt: Theodore de Bry, 1590. STC 12786.

Philippe de Mornay, A discourse of life and death. Written in French by Ph. Mornay. Antonius, a tragœdie written also in French by Ro. Garnier. Both done in English by the Countesse of Pembroke. London: [John Windet] for William Ponsonby, 1592. STC 18138.

Christopher Marlowe, The tragedie of Dido Queene of Carthage. London: Widow Orwin for Thomas Woodcocke, 1594. STC 17441.

Edmund Spenser, Amoretti and Epithalamion. London: P. S[hort] for William Ponsonby, 1595. STC 23076.

Edmund Spenser, The faerie queene. London: [Richard Field] for William Ponsonby, 1596. STC 23082 Copy 1. (two students, curiously from the first time I taught the same and the last time I taught it!)

Josias Nicols, An order of household instruction. London: Widow Orwin for Thomas Man, 1596. STC 18540.

James I, Daemonologie. Edinburgh: Robert Waldgrave, 1597. STC 14364 Copy 1.

Joseph Hall, Virgidemiarum, sixe bookes. First three bookes, of tooth-lesse satyrs. 1. Poeticall. 2. Academicall. 3. Morall. London: by Thomas Creede for Robert Dexter, 1597. STC 12716 v.1.

Philip Sidney, Syr P.S. his Astrophel and Stella. London: [Felix Kingston] for Matthew Lownes, 1597[?]. STC 22538. (two students)

Thomas More, A most pleasant, fruitfull, and wittie worke, of the best state of a publique weale, and of the new yle called Vtopia: written in Latine, by the right worthie and famous Syr Thomas Moore Knight: and translated into English by Raphe Robinson. London: Thomas Creede, 1597. STC 18096 Copy 1 and Copy 2. [blog post]

William Warner, Albions England. London: Edmund Bollifant for George Potter, 1602. STC 25083 Copy 2.

James I, Basilikon dōron. Or His Maiesties instructions to his dearest sonne, Henry the prince. London: E. Allde for E. W[hite] and others of the company of the Stationers, 1603. STC 14354 Copy 2.

Ovid, The. XV. bookes of P. Ouidius Naso, entituled, Metamorphosis. Translated out of Latine into English meeter, by Arthur Golding. London: W. White, 1603. STC 18961 Copy 2.

Thomas Middleton, The blacke booke. London: by Thomas Creede for Jeffrey Chorlton, 1604. STC 17875.

André Du Chesne, Figures mystiques du riche et précieux cabinet des dames. Paris: Toussaintz du Bray, 1605. 181- 633q.

Thomas Heywood, The second part of, If you know not me, you know no bodie. London: [Thomas Purfoot] for Nathaniel Butter, 1606. STC 13336.

Robert Pricket, The Lord Coke his speech and charge. With a disouerie of the abuses and corruption of officers. London: [Ruth Raworth and Nicholas Okes] for Nathaniell Butter, 1607. STC 5492 Copy 1.

Hugh Plat, Delightes for ladies, to adorn their persons, tables, closets, and distillatories. London: Humphrey Lownes, 1608. STC 19980. [note: done by two students in different years]

Edmund Spenser, The faerie queene. London: Humphrey Lownes for Matthew Lownes, 1609. STC 23083.8.

Homer, Homer prince of poets: translated according to the Greeke, in twelue bookes of his Iliads, by Geo: Chapman. London: [Humphrey Lownes] for Samuel Macham, 1609. STC 13633.

Thomas Middleton, The roaring girle. London: [Nicholas Okes] for Thomas Archer, 1611. STC 17908. [blog post]

John Donne, The first anniuersarie. An anatomie of the vvorld. London: M. Bradwood for Samuel Macham, 1612. STC 7023.

Anthony Copley, Wits, fits, and fancies. London: Edward Allde, 1614. STC 5740 copy 2.

Rachel Speght, A mouzell for Melastomus. London: Nicholas Okes for Thomas Archer, 1617. STC 23058.

Mary Wroth, The Countesse of Montgomeries Urania. London: [Augustine Matthews] for John Marriott and John Grismand, 1621. STC 26051 Copy 1.

William Bradford, A relation or iournall of the beginning and proceedings of the English plantation setled at Plimoth in New England. London: [by J. Dawson] for John Bellamie, 1622. STC 20047.

Thomas Scott, Robert Earle of Essex his ghost, sent from Elizian: to the nobility, gentry, and communaltie of England. Paradise [i.e. London?]: [John Beale?], 1624. STC 22084 copy 2 Bd.w. STC 1133.2 copy 1.

John Smith, The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles. London: by John Dawson and John Haviland for Michael Sparkes, 1624. STC 22790. [blog post] (two students)

John Mandeville, The voyages and trauailes of Sir Iohn Mandeuile Knight. London: Thomas Snodham, 1625. STC 17253.

Samuel Daniel, The Collection of the history of England. London: Nicholas Okes for Simon Waterson, 1626. STC 6251 Copy 4.

Moses Maimonides, Canones poenitentiæ Hebraicè à R. Mose Ægyptio descripti, Latinitate donati à G.N. Cambridge: T. and I. Buck, 1631. STC 18206 Copy 2.

Christopher Marlowe, The tragicall historie of the life and death of Doctor Faustus. With new additions. London: for John Wright, 1631. STC 17436.

Henry Hawkins, The history of S. Elizabeth daughter of the King of Hungary. Rouen: J. Cousturier, 1633. STC 12958.

Thomas Sternhold, The Psalmes of David in meeter. According as they are sung in the Church of Scotland. Edinburgh: the Heires of Andrew Hart, 1633. STC 2721.

Ovid, Ovids heroical epistles, Englished by Iohn Sherburne. London: Edward Griffin for William Cooke, 1639. STC 18947.

Emanuel Ford, The famous historie of Montelyon. London: B. Alsop and T. Fawcet, 1640. STC 11167.2.

Johann Gerhard, Gerards meditations, written originally in the Latine tongue by John Gerard Doctour in Divinitie, and superintendent of Heidelberg. Translated and revised by Ralph Winterton. Cambridge: R. Daniel, 1640. STC 11779.

John Bulwer, Chirologia, or The naturall language of the hand. London: Printed by Tho. Harper and are to be sold by Henry Twyford, 1644. B5462.

John Winthrop, A short story of the rise, reign, and ruin of the Antinomians, familists & libertines, that infected the churches of New-England. London: Ralph Smith, 1644. 150- 356q.

John Milton, Poems of Mr. John Milton, both English and Latin. London: Ruth Raworth for Humphrey Moseley, 1645. M2160 Copy 2.

Matthew Hopkins, The discovery of witches. London: for R. Royston, 1647. 144- 461q.

A brief description of the future history of Europe, from Anno 1650 to An. 1710. London: 1650. G1806.

Thomas Hobbes, Humane Nature. London: by Thomas Newcombe for Francis Bowman, 1650. 150- 638q.

John Ogilby, The fables of Æsop paraphras’d in verse, and adorn’d with sculpture. London: Thomas Warren for Andrew Crooke, 1651. 168- 220q.

Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Lazarillo, or, The excellent history of Lazarillo de Tormes, the witty Spaniard. Both parts. The first translated by David Rowland, and the second gather’d out of the Chronicles of Toledo by Iean de Luna a Castilian, and done into English by the same authour. London: William Leake, 1653. 181- 651q.

Monsieur Marnette, The perfect cook being the most exact directions for the making all kinds of pastes. London: Nathaniel Brooks, 1656. M706.

Francis Osborne, Advice to a Son; or, Directions for your better conduct. Oxford: H. Hall for Thomas Robinson, 1656. O510.

William Hughes, Anglo-Judæus, or The history of the Jews, whilst here in England. London: printed by T.N. for Thomas Heath, 1656. 158- 216q.

Samuel Foster, Miscellanies, or, mathematical lucubrations. London: R. & W. Leybourn, 1659. F1634.

Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, The maids tragedy. London: William Leake, 1650 [i.e, 1660?]. B1595.

John Dryden, Astraea Redux. A poem on the happy restoration & return Of His sacred Majesty Charles the Second. London: J.M. for Henry Herringman, 1660. D2244 Copy 1.

Queen Marguerite, The memorialls of Margaret de Valoys. London: R. Hodgkinson, 1664. 140-712q.

Katherine Philips, Poems. By the incomparable, Mrs. K.P. London: by J.G. for Rich. Marriott, 1664. P2032.

Cardanus Rider, Riders 1666 British Merlin. London: by S.G. for the Company of Stationers, 1666. A2248A.5.

William Leybourne, Nine geometricall exercises, for young sea-men, and others that are studious in mathematicall practices. London: J. Flesher for W. Hayes, 1669. 235- 140q.

John Ray, A collection of English words not generally used. London: by H. Burges for Tho. Burrell, 1674. R388 Copy 2.

Jean Gailhard, The compleat gentleman: or directions for the education of youth as to their breeding at home and travelling abroad. London: Thomas Newcomb for John Starkey, 1678. G118.

Thomas Rymer, The tragedies of the last age. London: for Richard Tonson, 1678. R2340 Copy 2. 

Molière, L’Escole des femmes. [Amsterdam: Daniel Elzevier,] 1679. 255- 406q.

Robert Knox, An historical relation of the island Ceylon. London: Robert Chiswell, 1681. 148- 014f.

John Milton, A brief history of Moscovia. London: M. Flesher, for Brabazon Aylmer, 1682. 144- 489q.

John Gough, Pearls of eloquence: or The school of complements. London: W.L., 1685. P969A.

John Milton, Paradise Lost. London: Miles Flesher for Jacob Tonson, 1688. M2147.

John Smith, The sea-mans grammar and dictionary explaining all the difficult terms in navigation: and the practical navigator and gunner. London: Randal Taylor, 1691. 239- 591q.

John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, Poems, &c. on Several Occasions: With Valentinian: a Tragedy. London: Jacob Tonson, 1691. R1756.

The compleat mendicant, or unhappy beggar. London: for E. Harris, [1699]. D830.

The history of crook-back’d Richard, sometime King of England. London: William Deacon, [1700?]. H2116e.

Jean Racine, Oevres de Racine. Paris: Compagnie des Libraires, 1713. 243037.

Teresia Constantia Muilman, The happy courtezan: or, the prude demolish’d. London: J. Roberts, 1735. PR3291.H25 Cage.

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