“Books and Early Modern Culture” was taught by Dr Sarah Werner through the Undergraduate Program at the Folger Shakespeare Library from Fall 2007 through Spring 2014.

The syllabus is available to view by anyone, but the course readings can only be accessed by current students in the seminar. You are welcome to adapt or reuse this syllabus in your own classes; if you do, I would love to hear about it! And I would appreciate, to the degree it’s possible, being credited on any materials that you do reuse.

In the spirit of acknowledging influences, I have learned a great deal from the syllabuses used by Lyn Tribble and Heidi Brayman Hackel for when they taught the MA Seminar at the Folger Institute; the assignments on your book’s authors and your book’s readers were drawn from similar assignments from the latter.

Questions about my teaching may be emailed to me; you can learn more about who I am on the “about” section of my blog, Wynken de Worde. You can learn about the books in my header image from the blog post I wrote for The Collation, “The books on our shelf.”

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