poissons, crabby heart

Ok, this is actually my favorite from this collection. I was idly sharing on twitter some of what I was doing and asked if anyone had any requests and my friend Brian pointed to this crab and both of us immediately noticed how much it looked heart-shaped. Now I have this in a muscle shirt and they have it in a long-sleeve and other friend has it in a tank top. Someday we’re going to give a panel at a library conference wearing these and not even mention that we’re matching.

An image of a crab from Louis Renard’s 1754 book of fish in the Indian Ocean, along with bonus hearts!

The images used in this pattern are taken from the copy at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, which has been digitized and placed in the public domain at the Biodiversity Heritage Library. The book in full can be seen at https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.115425.

Available to purchase as fabric and fabric goods at Spoonflower (white background linked here; browse for the other colors) and as delightful shirts at Threadless.

I think the pattern looks pretty good as throw pillows.

But, really, just look at this shirt!! How could you not want that?

I feel butch as hell when I wear mine. The colors on the dark muscle shirt tend to crinkle off if you toss it in the dryer, but the worn effect also makes it all the more lovably crabby.