blogging days of yore

Remember how once upon a time I used to find weird old printing things and get excited about them and then blog about them? That was fun.

I’m going to try doing that again, only this time in newsletter form. The tl;dr version is that you can head over to and sign up for Early Printed Fun to get periodic (twice a month?) emails from me about some bit of early printed nerdery. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’ll replicate some of what I used to do here and at The Collation.

The longer version is that I decided to do a Substack newsletter because I’m hoping, if I can build up enough momentum, to introduce paid subscriptions. There will always be free posts, I promise, because I can’t bear the thought of not providing some free excitement about books. But I also am shelling out money to run and I would like, at a minimum, to recoup those costs. Substack makes it easy to have both free and paid subscriptions, and that’s really appealing.

I’m going to putter along with all free posts for a while and see how it goes. There will be posts about printing puzzles, about cool books, about images on, about teaching strategies—the one I’m working on right now is about the variety of ways in which images are digitized and why they show up the way they do on my site. I’m hoping all the posts will give you food for thought, maybe food for teaching, and definitely quick, fun reads!

So please sign up and tell your friends! I’ll try not to make you regret it!

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