weaving a feminist book history

[update 4/16/2020: The project that I describe here has continued to spin out in various directions that I describe in my March 10, 2020 post, “notes on feminist bibliography,” and in a publication for Printing History, “Working Toward a Feminist Printing History,” the preprint of which has been deposited into the Humanities Commons repository.]

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly curious about how we might imagine and create feminist book history. And so I was thrilled when I saw that Valerie Wayne was leading a seminar at this year’s Shakespeare Association of America conference on “Women, Gender, and Book History,” and I’ve been delighted to be part of such a smart and engaging crew of scholars. We’ll be meeting at the tail end of the month and I’m looking forward to our conversation and to feedback on my contribution.

But I’m not done with wrestling with this yet, and so I’d love any feedback any of you might have to offer. I’ve plans for this little 3,000-word piece and I’m hoping I can make it stronger before I’m ready to let it go. If you do read it, and you do have thoughts to share, please leave a comment below (remember when we used to comment on blogs and have actual conversations there???) or drop me an email.

[updated: I’ve removed the embedded pdf file because it’s no longer the current version of this piece, but it is still available to download here.]