infinite reading

This week's #fridayreads and that of the foreseeable future is Infinite Jest. First time reading; loving it. — Sarah Werner (@wynkenhimself) August 5, 2011 As those of you who follow me on twitter might recall, I’ve been reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest for some time now (since the beginning of last August, to be […]

even the digital is physical

Many of you will have already seen the news that the Internet Archive is preserving hard copies of each book they scan into their archive. Kevin Kelly’s recent piece likens this to the need for type specimen in biology: Biologists maintain a concept call a “type specimen.” Every species of living organism has many individuals of […]

exploring Google eBook pricing

Updates below (added images in post, link to tweet in middle, new links at bottom) And more updates! Check out the comments for a generous response from @bookavore with useful context for how pricing works. So, as you surely know, Google has finally opened their eBook venture, selling e-books (to use a variant spelling that […]