do you write in books?

Some recent browsing on bibliophagia led me to (among many other things) a curious and disturbing discussion about writing in books. A sub-forum in a forum devoted to ChickLit, it consisted primarily of entries on how horrified posters were about people writing in books. I’m not talking about rare books, or library books, or even […]

information overload

This is the time of year when I often feel assaulted by information overload: there are new books and articles being published in both of my fields of research, I’m behind on my New Yorker, novels are piling up by my bedside, and then don’t forget all those blogs and websites to check in with! […]

owning your words

In a Chronicle of Higher Education column, Jennifer Sinor writes about having one of her course syllabi used by a colleague at a different institution, posing the question “Is it plagiarism when a colleague borrows your syllabus and then uses it in its entirety for his own course?” It’s an interesting question. When do you […]